Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi say it has been a LOOOOOOONG time would be an understatement!! But...child...IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME!!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I am still alive and kicking!! The husband and the kids are all doing well also. One day when I have more than 6.8 seconds...I will update you on all the things that have been going on since my last blog.

Until safe...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Woman who was working, but is now BREAKING...

WOW!!! Two posts back to back...WHEW...sometimes I scare myself!!
Please don't get used to this and expect this to happen on a regular basis...'cause I can tell you right now...I WON'T!!!

OK...soooo...the reason I am posting again soooooo soon is because I owe two women a GREAT SUPER BIG THANKS for helping me make my blog look Quita-licious. These two ladies are Teresabelle and Jeanette. Who knows where I would be had I not found them!! I found Teresa first, on YouTube. It was her video tutorial that taught me how to change my background, a task I had been working on for MONTHS. Under her tutelage...I was able to do it in less that 3 hours (the Viv in me is why it took 3 hours instead of 20 minutes). After I changed it...I posted the following comment on her blog:

You are a SAINT!!! You have no idea how happy I am that I found you on YouTube!! I was about to pay someone at least $30.00 to do this for me...thank God I found you!! You are without a doubt my new shero--hero with ovaries!! Now...if you could tell me how to add a dedicated box to my blog where I can post/change/update my contests (sorta a blog within a blog)...I would rename at least two of my kids after you...I promise!!

Well...Teresa, being the wonderful person that she is...posted a reply comment on my blog post Woman at WORK. In her comment she answered all of my questions and gave me links to some sites to help me. By the time I got her comment, I had already figured out the three columns thingy...

Sooooo...Although she was VERY helpful...She did not help me enough to justify me renaming two of my kids after her...So I just renamed one. I hope that you can forgive me Teresa?? (quick prayer: Dear Lord, You know that I always try to be a woman of my word...if I say I am going to do something...I try as hard as possible to do it. I know that you sent Teresabelle into my life to guide me out of the wilderness of blogland and she has shown me soooooo much...PLEASE let her be happy with just one of my children named after her...please... ~amen)

Ladies and gentlemen...appearing here for the first time ever...I would like for you to meet "The child formerly know as Nicole, Currently known as Teresabelle, Jr:"
Thanks again Teresa...I owe you!!! (I still have another child who is currently nameless...if you insist...I could change her name too...just let me know) let's talk about Ms. Jeanette...She too is my shero!! This woman can do ANYTHING!! It is through Jeanette's Jedi wisdom that I have been able to accomplish soooooo much in such a short period of time. Jeanette has tutorials on her website for things that I would have never thought of unless I had seen/read about them on her blog.

Whereas Teresa led me out of the wilderness...Jeanette is leading me into the promised land...a land flowing with custom tabs and cute little signatures!! So is with great pleasure that I rename two of my children after you:

This is "The boy formerly known as Alexander, Currently known as Jeanette, Jr #1"

And this is "The little girl formerly known as Naomi, currently known as Jeanette, Jr #2"

Ladies...I do not know where I would be without your help!! Thanks for all that you have done/shared and for all that you will continue to do to help me and others...

Don't y'all just LOVE that cute little signature??? I sure do!!

Woman still WORKING....Whew!!

Well...with the help of my newest cyber friend (I will release her name later, but she knows who she is) I have been able to create a custom Header for my blog!!!

It was supposed to be a "simple" process...but you know me...why do something in 15 minutes when I can spend 2 hours doing it and then go to bed at 2:00am....(quick prayer: Dear Lord, what is wrong with me?? I see the instructions and I follow them and I usually get pretty good results the first time...but then my inner Viv starts talking to me..."Gurl...I know you are not finished with that...that side is longer than the other side..." or "...Now I ain't tryin' to tell you what you should do...but...if it was me...I would do it this way..." For all of you out there who are wondering, but are afraid to ask...Viv is my mama. Lord forgive me...I forgot I was anyway, Lord after Viv gets in my mind...I have to make it PERFECT...which is why I am usually up all night...Dear Lord...I LOVE my mama...but PLEASE keep her dear sweet voice out of my head so that I can go to bed at a decent hour...please?? ~amen)

If you recall a header was not on my original list...Well I have decided to modify the list a little. Here is my new list of things that I would like to accomplish on my blog:

1. I still want to create a custom signature--Done 6/27

2. I have decided against a contest box...I now want a contest tab at the top of my header.

3. I no longer want a search box...that is like soooo last week!!

4. I want a multi-language translator so that all of my brothers-and-sister-by-other-mother's can read and enjoy my blog in their native tongue. Perhaps this will give me international appeal...

5. A live chat button...that way when I am can contact me and we can chat directly!! Perhaps this can one day turn into an online talk/chat show??

6. A pretty lil sumptin, sumptin to separate my blog entries...I am not sure what it will look like yet...but I can assure you that it will be Quita-licious... is now 1:32am CST and I NEED to go to Good Night/Good Morning...


PS. Does anyone, besides me, find my new header to be exceptionally LARGE and borderline obnoxious??? Please weigh in on this...I value your opinions...Viv...I already know how you probably feel about it..."Well...I wouldn't call it obnoxious...but it is BIG...maybe you can make it a little shorter?? And it needs some color..." =-) (quick prayer: Dear Lord, PLEASE let mama not beat me when I see her next week... ~amen)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woman at WORK I have once again been negligent to my public...I guess that makes me a Naughty Mommy (I sense a whole new blog coming)!! Well...I have made a decision...My blog is going under construction.

I have seen soooooo many PRETTY blogs out there and...well...frankly...mine is just NOT one of them...I want my blog to be PRETTY that so wrong??? Well I have decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it...after all, that is the Quita way!!

So I went to the Library...and here is what I found:

Yes...I am a Dummy and I am PROUD of it!! At least I am willing to get some help...So armed with my book, my laptop, a scanner, some scrapbook paper, four kids, a husband, absolutely NO free time and a lot of good ideas...I am off to make my blog look like me...BLACK!!!

Never fear...when I am are gonna LOVE it...I hope.

Until we meet again...

PS. Some of the changes that I want to make are:
1. A pretty background--
DONE!!! (6/17)
2. A box to keep a contest posted in at all times
3. A google search bar so that you can look for things by key word
4. 3 columns of goodness--DONE!! (6/17)

5. A custom signature
6. ANYTHING that you all think I should add to make the site more user friendly!! So drop me a comment or two and let me know what you would like to see on my blog, besides the obvious...more consistent posts... ~Q

PPS. If ANY of you have ANY idea how I can make one or all of the above happen...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! I am desperate!! ~Q

Q and A with Ms. Stewart

Here is comment that I recently received from a semi-loyal reader. This comment was posted in response to my Bottle Cap Photo Magnets post:

Heyyyyy...these are nice!!! Who's that handsome young fellow on the bottle cap?!!?? lol

Well sir...the young man in the picture is of the world/Oklahoma renowned singer...Sean Johnson. Mr. Johnson currently resides in Del City, OK. Where he is BUSY serving his country (USAF) and recording his Neo-Soul Christan Contemporary Gospel goodies. When you get a chance...Check him out and take a listen to his smooth jazzy neo-classical master pieces on his my space page . Never fear...if, after you listen, you hear something that you just CANNOT live can purchase and download his songs for a nominal fee.
Be sure to send me a comment or ten and let me know which of his songs you liked the most!! My fav de jour is without a doubt...Good To Me.
Give it a listen and let me know...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bottle Cap Photo Magnets

I know it has been a while...a LOOOOOONG while, actually... is a little crafty goodness from me to you!

This was actually a request craft from two Bluebird Momma's...KQ and SL. Sorry that it took me so long to share ladies...but here is one of the crafts that you requested. Enjoy and let me know how it goes.


1. Photo/Picture of your choice

2. 1 inch round hole punch (can be purchased at ANY craft store and Walmart)

3. Bottle Caps (these are REALLY "in" right now, so you can probably get them at any craft store or Walmart. If not, search for a home brewing company in your area. They will have them for sure!!)

4. Magnets (can be purchased at ANY craft store and Walmart. Take one of your bottle caps with you so that you can make sure that the magnet is not too big.)

5. Liquid resin of your choice. Here is a picture of the one that I used, which I purchased at Michael's. In this picture you can also see examples of 3 magnets that I made.


This is, by far, one of the simplest crafts that I have ever made! I am sure that you will find it equally as EASY and will be able to whip out 50 of these bad boys (chicos) and girls (chicas) (no discrimination here) in less that 30 minutes.

1. Select the photo/picture that you want to use.

2. Place the photo/picture in the hole punch FACE DOWN!!

3. Flip the hole punch over and you will now be able to see EXACTLY what you are about to cut. Move the picture around until you get it right where you want it. Now punch the picture. It may look a little big, but it will fit perfectly. If you are making several magnets, cut all of your pictures out at once and have them ready to go.

4. After you have ALL of your pictures cut and ready, mix the resin. This resin is a 2 part resin. You will need to mix and stir 2 equal parts of this resin to make it work. MAKE SURE THAT THE PARTS ARE EQUAL!! If you mix more of one than the will not cure properly. This resin will need to be used immediately after it is mixed.

5. Place all of the caps on a flat tray or cookie sheet. Fill ALL of your bottle caps up half way with resin. Immediately place your picture on top and push it down so that it has good contact with the liquid resin.

6. After you have placed all of your pictures, go back and pour enough resin into each bottle cap so that the picture is COMPLETELY covered with liquid resin. Once they are all poured, you will see a million tiny bubbles in each cap. To get the bubbles out, you need to exhale (not blow) on the caps. You will see the bubbles immediately begin to disappear. Continue exhaling on them until all of the bubbles are gone.
7. Move the tray to a place that where they can dry undisturbed for 24 hours.

8. Once they are completely dry, mix up a small batch or resin (1 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon). Turn the bottle caps over, picture side down and apply a small drop of resin on it. Put the magnet on top and push it down to make a good contact. Let them dry for 24 hours and you are done!!
(see number 7 below before starting this step)

Sorry that I did not have more pictures...feel free to send me a comment/question if you need additional help.

Tips and Useful information:

1. Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's all price match and honor each others coupons. So, even though I have not seen the resin in JoAnn's, I took a JoAnn's 50% off coupon to Michael's and got the resin for half off. I also took a Michael's "50% off on all hole punches" flyer to Hobby lobby and got the hole punch for half off. This little tidbit will come in useful for when you are purchasing your supplies.

2. I have found it better to use actual pictures printed on actual photo paper as opposed to printing out pictures on copy paper from my printer. The thicker photo paper keeps the resin from bleeding through and washing out the color on the photos.

3. A little of this resin goes a long way! So since this may be your first and last time working with it, buy the smaller kit. You can get 100's of magnets out of the small kit if you are using it just for this project.

4. To make it shine...sprinkle some fairy dust (ultra fine glitter) in the resin before you pour it. Just a little goes a long way and you will be able to see the glitter when you hold the magnet up to the light.

5. I got 100 bottle caps for $6.00 at Indy Wine Art. Mine are all gold. If you can get silver or gold ones REALLY cheap, buy them!! You could always paint them the color that you want. I would recommend a spray paint made specifically for metal.

6. Whatever you use to mix/stir your resin with/in should not be used to eat in/with again. I use popsicle sticks or plastic spoon handles to stir and I use disposable medicine cups to measure and mix. When I am finished, I toss the spoon and I wash the medicine cups out with rubbing alcohol. These cups will now be used for resin only!! As long as the resin is still wet, it can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol and paper towels.

7. Before you glue your magnets to your bottle caps, make sure that the magnets are facing the correct direction! Magnets have 2 sides. One that will adhere well to metal and one that will (sometimes) repel metal or not adhere as well. Stick your magnets on a flat metal tray. Put a drop of resin on the side facing up and then apply you bottle cap. This will gurantee that your magnets will stick.

8. This resin STINKS!! Do this project in a well ventilated area.

If you have any questions...shoot me a COMMENT and I will post a reply!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I lied....


As you can see...I did not post anything this weekend...I am sooooo naughty....PLEASE forgive me!! Our last day of school is Thursday 5/21. I have been sooooooooo wrapped up in school stuff that time and best intentions have slipped away from me...I will redeem myself in the VERY near future.


PS. My daughter (Naomi) graduated from Kindergarten tonight!!! Yipee...just 12 more grades until she gets out!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am still alive...

Hi all...

It has been a little over a month since my last blog entry...I am REALLY, REALLY sorry!! I would like to say that this was a social experiment to see how many of you missed me...but it was not. I was me being WAY too BUSY. Since I last blogged...

1. I have been to hell and back-aka Washington DC with 68 fifth graders, 39 semi-disgruntled parent chaperone's, 9 different PROFESSIONAL bus drivers who did not know how to use GPS, 1 male tour guide who never spoke above a whisper, 3 fifth grade teachers, 1 dean of students, 1 building sub, 1 educational assistant, a stalker, a beaver tail and one REALLY stinky bus toilet.

2. I have been preparing for the last few weeks of school by cleaning out my classroom, doing assessments, filling out report cards, making "What happens in the Nest...Stays in the Nest" tee shirts, making hand print beach towels, cutting up hotdogs to make them look like octopi, eating bugs, adjusting to administrative changes, realizing that I make less that $3 above mininum wage and trying to remain sane.

3. I am so tired that I can't even think of the third thing that I have been REALLY busy doing...but believe me when I say that whatever it is/ is/was VERY important.

4. I have also been BUSY making photo card announcements as graduation gifts and for profit. When I switch computers...I will post a pic of my most favorite ones.

Well any way...I said all of the above so that you would know that while I have been negligent to my public...I have not been complacent!! I have just been REALLY busy and am REALLY tired. But those are just excuses...when I started this blog it was with the intent to "give the people what they want." So I apologize and ask for your forgiveness...(quick prayer: Dear Lord, PLEASE let them forgive me for my transgressions...I promise to do better in the the very NEAR future, actually. Please Lord help them continue to be patient while I regroup and get back into the swing of things. Naomi, Alexander and Nicole will all start school on 7/10 and I promise to be more diligent about my blogging. ~amen).

I am going to try to get a post up this weekend and at least one a week from this point forward. School, for Naomi and I, will be out next Thursday (5/21) and that should free me up more.

Thank You to all of you who have emailed me and asked me "Hey...Where's Marquita?" To that I reply, "Right here!! Watch out world 'cause I am back!" Be on the look out for more crafts and more contests...

Thank you all for being patient with me...I promise to do better!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Uppercase Living Chalk Wall Kits

A note from my Uppercase Living friends:

Chalk Wall™

Featuring a reusable, chalkboard surface, this innovative and interactive product lets you write, doodle, or draw, then simply erase when you're finished. And just like our standard vinyl, it can be applied to almost any surface, making it perfect for walls, doors, cupboards, refrigerators, and much more! Starting at Noon on April 13th, until May 11th at 11:59 p.m. (MT), you can purchase Chalk Wall in three unique kits that will only be available during this promotion. Each kit is just $19.95, and helps organize, plan, or create!

Weekly Calendar Kit:
Schedule in appointments and plan the days ahead with our unique Chalk Wall Weekly Calendar Kit! This reusable, chalkboard surface, allows you to "pencil" in all your to-do’s, then simply erase them once they’re completed. 20" x 26" Includes: Week of:______, To do this week, and Sun-Sat expression.
Available in 3 vinyl colors: $19.95 - limited time offer
#700014 – Bright White
#700015 – Whipped crème
#700016 – Fresh Linen

Home Organization Kit:
Organize your busy life at home (or even at the office). This reusable, chalkboard surface, allows you to write a to-do list, jot down notes, or even create a menu
plan, then simply erase when finished. 18" x 24"
Includes: Menu/To Do/Notes expressions and 3 embellishments
Available in 3 vinyl colors: $19.95 - limited time offer
#700011 – Bright White
#700012 – Whipped crème
#700013 – Fresh Linen

Playroom Kit:
Inspire your child’s creativity with our unique Chalk Wall Playroom Kit! Featuring a reusable, chalkboard surface, this
functional kit is perfect for doodling, drawing, and practicing letters and numbers. 20" x 20"
Includes: ABC’s, 123’s and Doodle-board expressions and ****
Available in 3 vinyl colors: $19.95 - limited time offer
#700017 – Bright White
#700018 – Electric Pink
#700019 – Electric Lime

EACH KIT Contains• 1-Chalk Wall Sheet
CONTAINS: • 1-Expression Sheet (Includes a variety of expressions & embellishments)
• 2-Pieces of White Chalk
• Chalk Wall Application Instructions

Your Minnesota/Indy Connection:

Susie Leeke, Senior Director
(952) 236-8739

Your Indy Connection:

Chris Alstott
Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator
(317) 446-5134

For those of you who are interested and live no where near these ladies...PLEASE call them!! Few people know this...but...they both have a "S" on their chest....They are SUPER women!! They can move mountains and make things happen!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black is Back!!

When I got married...fifteen years ago, my wedding colors were black, ivory and red. My dress and my dad's tux were ivory and my bouquet was two dozen long stem red roses wrapped with red ribbon. My husband wore a black tux with a red tie and cummerbund. My bridesmaids wore black suits with ivory collars. The groomsmen wore black tuxes with black ties and cummerbunds. Well...I suppose I was a black girl way back then!!

My first wedding cost about $3,000. The budget for my next wedding is going to be $2,000 or less. Now that I have found and embraced my inner Marquita...I am convinced that I can throw a LAVISH event on a pocket lint budget.

When we renew our vows, I want to do it like a REAL black girl!! I want to make EVERY black girl in the world proud!! I think that the actual ceremony will be VERY to close friends and family and of course all of you will be invited. So the invitations will be to the LAVISH reception that I am planning. Here are a few invites that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:

Picture 1.
Picture 2.
Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Which one do you like them most??? Let me know. Leave a comment and tell me which number you like and the invite that gets the most votes is the one that I will re-create and post pictures of.

Here are a few ideas for the reception:

I LOVE them ALL!!! This could be the tackiest reception in the world. Actually, there are elements of each that I like and given the right amount of time...I could easily incorporate them into a FANTASTIC table and atmosphere. I must admit that flower arranging is my kryptonite...It kills me every time. Soooooo....I expect a great part of my budget will go to The Pained Daisy. I am sure that she can hook a sistah up!!

Did I mention to y'all that I can make and decorate cakes?? Stay tuned for my next post where I show you pictures of the cakes that I like and the STUNNING outfit that I plan to wear...

Don't forget to shoot me a comment and tell me which invitation that you like the most so that I can create it...The one with the most votes wins. You have from today until Tuesday, 4/14 to vote.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

SPAM...I have been spammed y'all...Can you believe it??

Hey there...

For some STRANGE blog updates have been going into "SPAM" folders!! This just started this past week. I noticed that my friends and family were missing updates...When I had them check their "Trash/Spam" folders...there they sat. In order to avoid this in the future...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add me to your email address books. That way the updates will automatically come to your inbox. Here is the email address that my blog updates will be coming from:

There is an underscore between stewart and tobm

Thanks...and if you need help or have a comment and I will get back to you!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Enough is ENOUGH!!!

I am tired y'all...I mean REAL tired!!

Here is a list of some of the things that I am MOST tired of:

1. Bills-BIG ones like our mortgage and little ones like $1 bills. I need more $100 bills in my life...what about you?? I am also sick and tired of people named know who I am talking about...Bill Collector, Bill Consolidator, Online Bill-ing, Bill To Sender...they all annoy me!!

2. Kids-My kids, your kids, his kids, her kids, their kids, New Kids on the Block and baby goats!! I am tired of all of the kids in the whole wide world!! Now don't get me wrong...I love my kids to Resse's Pieces and back...but I NEED a break from them!! They have been on spring break for THREE weeks. Sweet Jesus...what does "Year Round School" really mean?? Well I can tell you what it doesn't mean...YEAR ROUND SCHOOL!!! Maybe this should be number 1??

3. Adults-You, me, them, us...ALL of 'em are starting to make me SICK!!

4. Laundry-this is such a vicious cycle!! It never friggin ends!! Do you realize no matter how much laundry you will NEVER have every thing that you own clean at the same time?? Why Lord...WHY??

5. Cleaning-see number 4!! I have come to realize that no matter how much I dust, wash dishes or does not matter but for about 15 seconds! Fifteen seconds is about how long it takes from the time I cut the vacuum cleaner off until all of the dust that I stirred up with the vacuum cleaner settles back onto the furniture and I need to dust again! And dishes are such a SCAM! Who needs 'em?? As soon as you use's dirty and you have to wash it...a vicious cycle I say...A VICIOUS CYCLE!!!

6. Cooking-What's the point?? Are we ever really full?? And it is soooo time consuming...I mean really, you spend two hours cooking and the food is eaten in 13 seconds. And then the next question out of someones mouth (usually number 2) is, "Whats for dessert?" H-E-L-L-O...didn't you just finish eating?? And now you want more food...that I am going to have to prepare??? NOT!!!

(side note: Number 2 just came into my room running full speed. She stopped right next to me and started hopping on one foot while panting "Mommy!! Momm-yyy!! MOMMY." I asked her what she wanted and her answer was, "I just wanted to say Hi." Understand now why number 2 should actually be number 1???)
7. Sleeping-I don't get enough of it and I spend way to much time thinking about it. Not sure how to fix this one!! I should be sleeping right now but...number 2 and 3 are depending on me to do number 4 and 5 before it is time for number 6.

OK...well I have ranted enough...And now it is time for me to do something about it...I have made an Executive Decision!!

I am going on vacation...ALONE!! Unless, of course, some of you want to join me??

Now, those of you who know me, know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick up and go anywhere alone...I can't even go to the bathroom alone, let alone half way across the world...So I have decided to go on a virtual's Go!!!

I just closed my bedroom door (and locked it, there are now 3 members of number 2 knocking on it...something about a doughnut...only God knows...). OK, the "Doughnut Heist of 2009" has been resolved (see CNN for details)...

I am at my computer (which for this vacation is actually me Teletransporter) and I am about to be beamed up and away to...Seychelles and the North Island Luxury Resort PLEASE join me on this MUCH needed vacation of the mind....

Seychelles’ 115 granite and coral islands extend from between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and lie between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean.
I am already feeling more relaxed just knowing that I am going to be soooo far away from numbers 1-6...but there is more!!!

Here is an aerial view of the island...WOW!!!

Now that we are here...We have a HUGE decision to make...What to do first???....Uhmmmm...Decisions Decisions...

I think we should check into the Villa first...

Now that we are all comfy and have changed into our swimsuits (oh...for this excursion...I am now a PERFECT size 8 so my swim suit is HOT!!! But, it is NOT a thong). I think we should go to the Piazza and see what's going on...

Perhaps I will sit here and read a book...what do you think...there is room for you too! Did you bring a book too??

Well, if not...don't worry. We can just borrow one from the library...

I just finished the last chapter of my finished yet?? How about a dip in the main pool?

Why don't we go shower, change and have lunch on the beach??

Gurrrllll...who are these people at our table?? Oh no she di'int sit these people at OUR table....But that's OK...let's eat at the East Beach instead...It has more atmosphere anyway!!

Since this is vacation...I think that I will start with dessert!! What are you going to have???

Your food looks good too...what is that?? Can I taste it??

Yummmm....I wish my husband was here...He LOVES seafood!!

I am stuffed...what should we do now??? Ohhh...I know...How about a bike ride around the beach? You game??

Well...we could go snorkeling if you'd like?? Or do you want to wait and save that for tomorrow??

What time is it??? is almost time for dinner. I have an about a trip to the spa before we eat again? Or better yet...let's have a Spa Dinner...and a nice soothing massage...

I don't know about you...but BOY could I use a good rest!! I am going back to the villa take a warm bath and turn in for the night! What about you?? What are you going to do??

Well that was just day one...I honestly believe that seven days of this might kill me!! If I could have that kind of freedom and pampering everyday for seven days...I could die a VERY HAPPY woman...

Well, it is time to check out...and low and behold...look who is here...Our good friend Bill...this little LUXURY getaway has set us back AT LEAST (and I stress the words "AT LEAST") $3,723.19 per person per night. This rate does include EVERYTHING except our spa services and air fare. Our grand total...for two people to stay at this resort for seven days is...


Welcome back to REALITY...I hope that you enjoyed the trip...I know that I did...


Friday, March 27, 2009

Living LARGE...

I owe a HUGE apology to my Uppercase Living friends...Sorry Ladies...

They sent me this info FOREVER ago. So here it is!! You still have a chance to take advantage of the sale, but act FAST!!!
This is from the Wall Woman who is currently in Minnesota, but has no problem traveling back to Indy:
Happy Spring! Buy One, Get One ½ Off!Just when you thought Buy One, Get One ½ off was just for shoes!Purchase any item between now and April 6, and you’ll get ½ off any additional item of equal or lesser value.*Choose from any of our fabulous accessories, exclusive expressions, or even a MyDesign™ — there’s no limit to the ways you can enhance your home, or the number of ½ off items you can get!Don’t miss your chance to Buy One, Get One ½ off, contact me or place your order online today! List your items in descending price order. Every other one is half off. You don't have to get the two inexpensive ones marked down. Isn't that great?Offer ends April 6, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. This is available to guests at your show, too. Let me know if you are interested in booking & earn a little more in free and reduced product.REMEMBER - THE CATALOG IS VIEWABLE ONLINE! You may purchase actual catalogs or receive one free by booking a show.

Need teachers gifts??? See the pictures below for some cute ideas. Put something fun on a glass block, tile, or painted board. We now sell many of these accessories to make it even easier for you to make “portable” designs- great for gifts!

If you have been contemplating joining my Uppercase Living team, let me give you a great reason to do so. If you join by the end of March, I'll give you an extra pack of catalogs to share with your friends and family as you begin to get the "word" out that you are going to help them put words on their walls. J Call me for more information or read about it on the website.

Susie Leeke
Senior Director/Uppercase Living
CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE: cell: 317-374-5322 home: 952-236-8739

This is from Chris who is here in Indy:
For all you deal lovers...Uppercase Living is offering Buy One Design/Get one 1/2 Price thru April 6th! This includes My Design custom designs! How many BOGO can you do? As many as you want!

For instance: purchase 6 designs, pay regular price for 3 & 1/2 price for 3. The only stipulation: your 1/2 price design must be equal or lesser value than the regular price item.

ALSO, if your order is over $50 you may choose a Free Design from the bottom of the monthly Special page. (Spend $75 choose 2 Free Designs, $100 choose 3 Free Designs!)

Be sure to visit my website to view the catalog plus 100 additional designs that are not included in the regular catalog! Happy shopping! Chris Alstott Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator(317) 446-5134
If you are unfamiliar with Uppercase Living...let me tell you...It ROCKS!!! Go to the website and check out the unique things that you can do with it. Also contact either Chris or Susie and they can email you actual photos from projects that they have done. You will be impressed!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Confessions of a BLACK girl...

I guess you can say that I have been in denial for MANY, MANY, MANY years...but today I have decided to come out of the closet and confess...I am a BLACK girl. Many of you have known me for years and are probably asking yourself..."Is she could she be just now finding out that she is a 'black girl?'" Well, my friends, denial is a POWERFUL thing!!

Well I guess, I have probably always known it but was afraid to admit it. It is sometimes difficult to embrace your inner "blackness." I have been fighting it for almost 40 years. I have been told by many that "the truth shall set you free." Well I want to be free and to share my "blackness" with everyone.

I have no idea why I have always thought that being a "black" girl is bad...but I have. As I approach 40, I have decided to put aside my childish ways and embrace my life as it embrace my inner "blackness." With age comes wisdom...

So here it is...The Confession of a BLACK Girl...
I would like to thank all of you who have supported me over the years, those of you who have known me forever and those of you whom I encounter from day to day. It is my hope and prayer that your feelings for me will not change when I open up and share one of my deepest and darkest secret...(quick prayer: Dear Lord You have created me in all of Your splendid grace and glory. I have made many friends over the years and You have blessed me with a wonderful supportive family and husband. Please Lord let them not think less of me as I open up and confess one of my deepest darkest secret. Lord please allow them to continue to accept me as I am...~amen) it goes...My favorite color is...uhmm...well...BLACK!! feels good to have said it...It seems like my oldest daughter, Nicole ,is ALWAYS asking me my favorite color and each time she asks, I tell her a different color. Well today I would like to go on record before God and the world and announce that "I AM A BLACK GIRL!" Black is my FAVORITE color. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color BLACK.

I guess, since most of my wardrobe consists of black, I should not be surprised by my fascination with this color. But, I must admit, I find it difficult to tell people that it is my favorite color. I think what draws me to it the most is that it can be whatever you want it to be! It can be formal:

It can be Girly:

It can be Casual:

It can be Serene:

It can be Mod:

It can be Minimal:

In short...Black is BEAUTIFUL and it can be whatever you want it to be. So next time you are looking for just the right color to complete a room or an outfit...Try something Black. You too might be "BLACK" at heart. Don't wait 39 years to discover this beautiful color like I did...Embrace your inner blackness TODAY...So...the next time that you are out and about and you see something "black" and beautiful...send me a pic. I would love to share it with my readers.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry...I'm Baaaaack...

Hi all,

I owe you guys a HUGE apology...I have not blogged in FOREVER!!! I just want to let you all know why I have not been around.

About a month and a half ago my 11 year old son Alexander was given the opportunity of a lifetime!! He was recommended to audition for a play at Warren Central High School. Well, he auditioned and he got the part!! Needless to say...We were all VERY excited. The rehearsal schedule was fine up until last week and I could still squeeze a post or two in, but last week...that all changed.

Last week we had dress rehearsal from 5:00pm until 9:30pm Monday(3/9) through Wednesday(3/11). Now, in and of itself, dress rehearsal is not what kept me busy. What kept me BUSY were the meals that we provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the cast and crew. We fed 40 people each night. Can you imagine?? Cooking for six people is hard for 40 was a little intimidating, to say the least. When I cook for my family, it's easy, because I know what they like. Cooking for 40 people that you have only been around for five weeks is SCARY beyond belief! And, to make matters worse, these were 40 people age 18 and younger! Now we all know how fickled young folks can be...

Well...let me tell you...these were the most MANNERABLE, RESPECTFUL and WONDERFUL young men and women that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! They were grateful for EVERYTHING that we did for them. It was AMAZING!!! I thank God for their families and for them. They have renewed my faith in the youth of today!! I went in with very few expectations and came out IMPRESSED beyond measure. I do TRULY hope and pray that my children grow up to be as well mannered, talented and appreciative as they were/are.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who was affiliated with this production for allowing me and my son to be a part of it. In particular I would like to thank Gabe for giving Alexander this opportunity and Angie for letting me help her with the food.

For me to say that this is an experience that I will never an understatement. This is an experience that I will ALWAYS remember and replay in my mind. It is an experience that has given me GREAT joy and pleasure. It was an experience that has shown me that there are some truly wonderful young people still left in this world!!

It is not uncommon to turn on the television and see a story about a young man/woman who has murdered a parent or a sibling or went on a killing rampage in their high school. These stories get soooooo much press/air time that one often forgets that there are young adults out there who are doing the right thing. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my experiences with a REMARKABLE group of young-uns' who are focused, determined, college bound, inspiring, EXTREMELY gifted/talented, respectful and awe inspiring (quick prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for allowing me to experience these beautiful children. Through them my faith in mankind has been renewed. Please Lord be with each and every one of them forever and always. Please Lord keep them focused on their goals and help the realize that with You and You ONLY...ALL things are possible. Dear Lord, I am crying I think I had better say amen and be done before I short out my keyboard with my tears...I am such a baby...~amen).

The play, A Raisin in the Sun, opened on Thursday, March 12, 2009...and it was a HUGE success!! From the first word to the last, we were transformed into the past. We were moved!! These young men and women put on a Tony award winning performance!! They were so committed to their roles that the words just came naturally. This play was a labor of their love of theatre and their love/respect for their director. The play was so good that I forgot that this was a high school production! Each actor truly owned and embraced his/her character. Lorraine Hansberry and Sidney Poitier would have been proud!

It would be hard for me to pick out one character in particular as the "star," but being a mama myself...I would have to say that Ms. C. Williams was an AWESOME Lena Younger. She was TRULY the glue that held her family together!! Mr. I. Miles was Walter Lee and his wife Ruth was played by Ms. S. Penny. They acted just like an "old" married couple!! Benetha was played by Angie's girl Ms. T. Watkins (the African dancing was a sight to behold). Young mister Travis was played by my boy Alexander (as loud as this child is at home, we could barely hear him on stage). Karl Lindner was played by Mr. B. Bowers (he made discrimination seem almost pleasant). Mr. A. Snowden played the part of Joseph Asagai and he had the BEST accent EVER!! Mr. J. L. Lancaster played George Murchinson (LOVED the spray painted white shoes J.L.) and Bobo was played by Mr. M. McCaskill (he did his final performance on crutches, talk about being dedicated...). The three moving men were played by Mr. D. Peloney, Mr. C. Mills and Mr. X. Ingram ( I have never seen boxes moved so wonderfully in my whole life).

Although I spent most of my time with the cast...there were some TOTALLY AWESOME crew members too. This production could not been successful without them. All of the acting in the world is no good without proper costumes, lighting, sound, props and a set. Thanks guys and girls. A play is only as good as its behind the scenes my NEVER to be humble opinion.

Remember these names...because I truly believe that there is MUCH more to come from them in the future! They are the Engineers, Doctors and Lawyers of tomorrow. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to be able to say, "I knew them when..."


PS. GH...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not leave WC until after Travis has graduated in 2016...PLEASE???? I know that seems like FOREVER, but really it's not. You know what they say, "Time flies when you are having fun," and I know for sure that you are having FUN!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sites Worthy of Your Consideration

This may or may not become a regular feature on my is a site that I think EVERYONE should know about.

The site is called Tip Junkie and it is a wealth of information!! And you can get some really great information about contests and giveaways on this site. Every prize is valued at $25.00 or more and all giveaways end within 7 days. Normally, you have to do very little to enter.

You can check back daily for new giveaways or you can subscribe and updates will automatically come your way.
I plan to announce all of my future giveaways here as
well as on my blog.

Enjoy and Good Luck!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

And the Winner Is......

I am proud to announce the winner of my very FIRST and DEFINITELY NOT last contest!!

Drum roll please...The winner is...

kbo said...
MLK - can we all get along?
February 27, 2009 11:12 AM

My 6 year old daughter Noel made this pin in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the theme is unity among the races. Congratulation KBO!! I now need you to email me with your address so that I can send you your prizes. Please send you information to

I am so happy that you would think I won something. I enjoyed this soooooo much that I am going to run one every couple of weeks!! This was an easy one, I can guarantee you that the next one will be more difficult. You are going to have to work for these prizes...

Thanks to all who entered...Better luck next time,


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Contest Prize Pictures they are!! The prizes for my first contest.

The total combined value is over $40.00.

Some of the above items were made by me(valentines day bucket, flower purse mirror, 3 bottles of my liquid laundry detergent). I have also included some of my FAVORITES(lemon girl scout cookies, cute cheap frames, 2 year photo planner with pen set).

And the best prize of all...

A multi colored stone bracelet watch made by little ole' me!! It wraps around your wrist. It is a bracelet and a watch in one.

Good Luck and the winner will be announced soon...


House Keeping...

Here are a few house keeping items...

1. Liquid laundry detergent-As I have said before...I have been making my own detergent for over a year now and there is one thing that I forgot to tell you. I have noticed and you will too, that sometimes the detergent is EXCESSIVELY is like a solid glob. I have determined that this happens for one or two reasons:

1. Temperature: If it is cold in my house, it tends to be VERY jelly- ish and sometimes difficult to stir.
2. Soap: Since I measure and grate my own bar, I sometimes get more soap than I need. When I do, it comes out very thick and jelly-esq.

The solution to super thick jelly-ish detergent is stirring. If you stir it well, it will still be lumpy but pourable. Another solution is the addition of a store brought detergent. I normally will add 1 or 2 quarts to mine and it gives it a smoother consistency.

2. The prizes, for the contest) are ready to be photographed. I will post the pictures of them tonight.

I think that is all for now...


Monday, March 2, 2009


Prizes are coming soon...I promise...I have most of them out, I just need to get a picture of them and post them...

Thanks...and SORRY for the delay.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feburary 2009 Contest

Here it is...My very first contest!!

This is a picture of a craft made by my 6 year old daughter Noel. It is a pin that you can wear on a sweater, shirt or jacket. This craft was made in honor of a holiday. What do you think is the message behind the craft and what holiday do you think it represents?? You task, should you chose to accept it, is to name the concept and the holiday.

Good Luck!!

The prizes will be announced this weekend...and NO...there will be NO toothpaste involved!!


1. No cheating-if you already know the answer from talking to me previously, YOU CANNOT ENTER.

2. You are allowed to guess as many times as you would like.

3. The answers can only be submitted as a "comment" to this blog post. Do not go to another of my entries and post the answer. You must post it as a comment on this entry only.

4. Entries will be accepted according to when they are posted. Each comment is posted with a date and time on it. The first person to get it right is the winner. For example, if XYZ posts a comment with the correct answer at 8:16PM GMT and ABC posts the correct answer at 8:17PM GMT on the same day...WYZ will win.

5. The contest will run from Friday, February 27 until Friday, March 6 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Sunday, March 8. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ANSWERS BEFORE FRIDAY 2/27/09 and DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ANSWERS AFTER FRIDAY 3/6/09.

6. The prize will be mailed/delivered on Wednesday 3/11/09.

7. This contest is open to all residents of the matter how old/young you are. The only requirement to enter this contest is that you post your answer as a comment to this post only!!

8. You DO NOT have to subscribe to my blog in order to win. Any random viewer can enter and win.

9. Your chances of winning are based on then number of entries. I expect this number to be pretty low, so if I had to guess...I'd say you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning. (Dear Lord, PLEASE let them prove me wrong...PLEASE let millions of people from all over the world enter my contest...~amen)

10. The winner, if you work anywhere other than WEE Care Preschool, must be willing to provide a valid mailing address in order to receive your prize.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to post a comment

Rumor has it...or perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part...that several of you would like to post a comment but are not sure how to do so. Well, here are the step by step directions on how to do it. After reading this, if you are still having problems, PLEASE email me at (please note: there is an underscore between stewart and tobm. example "...stewart_tobm...")

1. Go down to the end of the blog post that you are reading. You will see the following:

Posted by Ms. Stewart if you're Crafty... at 8:06 AM 0 comments
2. Click on "comments." There may or may not be a number in front of the word "comments."

3. A box will pop up. Type your comment in the box.

4. Below the box you will see "comment as:" and a drop down menu. Click on the menu arrow and select Name/URL.

5. A new box will open. ONLY enter your NAME, unless you have a website or blog URL that you would like to enter. You DO NOT have to have or enter a URL. The only thing that you have to enter is a name (any name). Then click "continue."

6. This will take you back to where you typed your comment. Read through your comment and make sure that you are satisfied with it. If you are, hit "post comment." If you are not, retype it and then hit "post comment."

7. You are finished and you have just posted your comment.

You will not see your comment immediately. I see all comments before they are posted and after I have approved will post.

Hope this helps and if you need any additional me.


Marquita's First Contest Rules

H i All...

I have decided to host a contest...No to will be VERY user friendly and a prize will be awarded to the winner!! You gotta LOVE an opportunity to win something free, I know I do!!

So anyway...Here are the rules:

1. No cheating-if you already know the answer from talking to me previously, YOU CANNOT ENTER.
2. You are allowed to guess as many times as you would like.
3. The answers can only be submitted as a "comment" to this blog post. Do not go to another of my entries and post the answer. You must post it as a comment on this entry only.
4. Entries will be accepted according to when they are posted. Each comment is posted with a date and time on it. The first person to get it right is the winner. For example, if XYZ posts a comment with the correct answer at 8:16PM GMT and ABC posts the correct answer at 8:17PM GMT on the same day...WYZ will win.
5. The contest will run from Friday, February 27 until Friday, March 6 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Sunday, March 8. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ANSWERS BEFORE FRIDAY 2/27/09 and DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ANSWERS AFTER FRIDAY 3/6/09.
6. The prize will be mailed/delivered on Wednesday 3/11/09.
7. This contest is open to all residents of the matter how old/young you are. The only requirement to enter this contest is that you post your answer as a comment to this post only!!
8. You DO NOT have to subscribe to my blog in order to win. Any random viewer can enter and win.
9. Your chances of winning are based on then number of entries. I expect this number to be pretty low, so if I had to guess...I'd say you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning. (Dear Lord, PLEASE let them prove me wrong...PLEASE let millions of people from all over the world enter my contest...~amen)
10. The winner, if you work anywhere other than WEE Care Preschool, must be willing to provide a valid mailing address in order to receive your prize.

Good Luck...

I will post the actual contest tomorrow!!
I am trying to build up mystery and it working yet???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liquid Laundry Detergent...

Hey y'all!!! Here is my SUPER simple recipe for Home Made Liquid Laundry Detergent...I have been using if for about a year now and have had NO complaints from the husband. It combines two of my favorite things in the whole wide world...1. CHEAP and 2. EASY.

Once again...I must give credit where credit is due...This recipe came from the good folks over at The Family Homestead. I have changed it some to meet my needs but the recipe is basically the same.

2/3 cup Borax
2/3 cup Washing Soda
2/3 of a bar of soap(grated)
Large Pot
Cheese Grater
Measuring cup
Essential oil
Large Bucket with measurements

1. Grate soap. I use Fel-Naptha, which is a laundry soap. For sensitive skin, use Ivory soap. I have a friend who has to use fragrant free detergent and she LOVES this!! I would also recommend the Ivory soap version for washing baby clothes. When using Fels-Naptha, I cut about 1/3 of the bar off and put it in a Ziploc bag. I use a cheese grater to grate the rest of the bar and sit it to the side. When using Ivory soap, I use the whole bar.

2. Next I measure out my Laundry Soda and Borax, mix them together and set them to the side.

3. Next I get my large pot and fill it half full with water. I bring the water to a boil and then I turn the stove off and slowly stir in the soap.

PLEASE REMEMBER...You are mixing soap and water!!! If you pour soap flakes into a boiling pot of WILL BUBBLE OVER!!! Cut the stove off before you add the soap flakes and add them slowly while you are constantly stirring. Once the flakes have dissolved (do not be alarmed if you find a few errant chunks of soap floating around in the pot), add the borax and soda. Stir until it has all dissolved.

4. Pour the hot mixture in to your large bucket. I have 2 large buckets. One came from Lowes and the other came from Home Depot. They both cost about $7.00 for the bucket and lid and they have graduated measurements on the side. These are paint buckets so look for them in the paint department. Add enough water to make two gallons. If you want to use essential oils for fragrance, add them now. Stir and continue to add them until you get your desired fragrance. The detergent will already have a clean and slightly citrus scent from the Fels-Naptha. Stir the mixture well and cover it (you can use it now). Set it to the side until the next day.

When you open it the next day and stir it, it is going to look like really bad egg drop soup. That is how it is supposed to look and it is ready to use!! I use 1/2 cup per load for regular loads, 1/4 cup for smaller loads and 3/4 cup for larger/stinker loads. Use it like you would any other liquid laundry detergent. I also use it with bleach (not mixed together)for my white clothes.

5. This step is 100% optional but I will include it...I also mix 1-2 quarts of other liquid detergent into my large bucket and stir well. I do this for the added fragrance ONLY! This detergent WILL get your clothes clean without it. I have noticed that it also emulsifies the detergent. Once I stir it and let it set has a silky creamy texture more like traditional liquid detergents.

Although it normally takes 24 hours for this to occur, you do not have to wait that long to use your detergent. You can start using it as soon as you put it in the bucket and add enough water to make two gallons.

Cost Analysis:

It costs about $2.00 to make 2 gallons of this detergent if you do not use the additional liquid detergent and if you do not add essential oils. This figure is based on the following (VERY high) estimates:

1 box borax $4.00--$.05/ounce--2/3c=7.5oz--7.5oz x .05=$.38
1 box laundry soda $4.00--$.07/ounce--2/3c=7oz--7oz x .07=$.49
1 bar of soap $1.50/3=$.50/third of a bar--2 x $.50=$1.00

Which makes the total...$1.87/two gallons (as previously stated...these estimates are HIGH, it is actually cheaper to make it).


*I ALWAYS add a capful of bleach mixed into 4oz of water into the bleach dispenser of my washing machine when I am washing a load of towels. If I forget to get them out immediately, this helps eliminate the moldy smell.

* If my towels/laundry do get moldy, I wash them again and add 2 capfuls of bleach mixed with 6oz of water into my bleach dispenser. Normally this eliminates the smell.

This is a LOW to NO SUDS liquid laundry detergent!! You will see little to no suds as your clothes wash. The suds are not what clean your clothes. This detergent is ideal for front load machines.

I highly recommend this give it a try and let me know what you think...



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