Saturday, June 27, 2009

Woman who was working, but is now BREAKING...

WOW!!! Two posts back to back...WHEW...sometimes I scare myself!!
Please don't get used to this and expect this to happen on a regular basis...'cause I can tell you right now...I WON'T!!!

OK...soooo...the reason I am posting again soooooo soon is because I owe two women a GREAT SUPER BIG THANKS for helping me make my blog look Quita-licious. These two ladies are Teresabelle and Jeanette. Who knows where I would be had I not found them!! I found Teresa first, on YouTube. It was her video tutorial that taught me how to change my background, a task I had been working on for MONTHS. Under her tutelage...I was able to do it in less that 3 hours (the Viv in me is why it took 3 hours instead of 20 minutes). After I changed it...I posted the following comment on her blog:

You are a SAINT!!! You have no idea how happy I am that I found you on YouTube!! I was about to pay someone at least $30.00 to do this for me...thank God I found you!! You are without a doubt my new shero--hero with ovaries!! Now...if you could tell me how to add a dedicated box to my blog where I can post/change/update my contests (sorta a blog within a blog)...I would rename at least two of my kids after you...I promise!!

Well...Teresa, being the wonderful person that she is...posted a reply comment on my blog post Woman at WORK. In her comment she answered all of my questions and gave me links to some sites to help me. By the time I got her comment, I had already figured out the three columns thingy...

Sooooo...Although she was VERY helpful...She did not help me enough to justify me renaming two of my kids after her...So I just renamed one. I hope that you can forgive me Teresa?? (quick prayer: Dear Lord, You know that I always try to be a woman of my word...if I say I am going to do something...I try as hard as possible to do it. I know that you sent Teresabelle into my life to guide me out of the wilderness of blogland and she has shown me soooooo much...PLEASE let her be happy with just one of my children named after her...please... ~amen)

Ladies and gentlemen...appearing here for the first time ever...I would like for you to meet "The child formerly know as Nicole, Currently known as Teresabelle, Jr:"
Thanks again Teresa...I owe you!!! (I still have another child who is currently nameless...if you insist...I could change her name too...just let me know) let's talk about Ms. Jeanette...She too is my shero!! This woman can do ANYTHING!! It is through Jeanette's Jedi wisdom that I have been able to accomplish soooooo much in such a short period of time. Jeanette has tutorials on her website for things that I would have never thought of unless I had seen/read about them on her blog.

Whereas Teresa led me out of the wilderness...Jeanette is leading me into the promised land...a land flowing with custom tabs and cute little signatures!! So is with great pleasure that I rename two of my children after you:

This is "The boy formerly known as Alexander, Currently known as Jeanette, Jr #1"

And this is "The little girl formerly known as Naomi, currently known as Jeanette, Jr #2"

Ladies...I do not know where I would be without your help!! Thanks for all that you have done/shared and for all that you will continue to do to help me and others...

Don't y'all just LOVE that cute little signature??? I sure do!!


  1. Wonderful and creative updates to your blog. This new version matches your colorful and dynamic personality. Quita would never have a blah bog.

  2. Hello Quita (oh wait excuse me please I have to go potty before I wet myself with laughter). Or as my friend says, before I P.E.E. myself (she spells it out).

    I am completely in love with my two new namesakes, so now you all are a big part of my FAMILY! I love Teresabelle, Jr. too---I don't want to leave anyone out! After all, it could have been Thing 1 and Thing whewwww it's a good thing my name's Jeanette.

    Your blog is ROCKING along! WoWZerS, you should have done a screen save of it before and after!

    When I open my email I always go to yours posts first so I can be encouraged, and LMBO! I am glad I um, yeah, very glad!

    You are the bestest!

    Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
    Hugs from the heart,

    Come scrap your blog with me…
    Easy Custom Blogs


  3. Oh my goodness - you made me laugh out loud! The photos were tooooo funny!

    While I agree that only one child should be named after you really think that is enough? Certainly not a full second child should be named after me, but maybe one of your pets? A dog? Cat? Fish? Llama?

    hehe...just kidding. One child is plenty;-)

    You are so funny!

  4. Oh, and I'm loving Jeanette's site! Super awesome:-) I can see why two children were named after her! Looks like she has lots of info to learn:-)

  5. Hi Marquita! I think your blog looks fabulous (I especially love the background!).

    Sorry about the delay, but I just saw your comment on my blog. Anyway, the master recipe (which I use to make baguettes, boules, focaccia, and pizza crust) can be found at For the challah recipe for french toast and many other recipes (mmm... brioche!), I highly recommend getting the book. Worth its weight in gold, I'd say.



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