Saturday, June 27, 2009

Woman who was working, but is now BREAKING...

WOW!!! Two posts back to back...WHEW...sometimes I scare myself!!
Please don't get used to this and expect this to happen on a regular basis...'cause I can tell you right now...I WON'T!!!

OK...soooo...the reason I am posting again soooooo soon is because I owe two women a GREAT SUPER BIG THANKS for helping me make my blog look Quita-licious. These two ladies are Teresabelle and Jeanette. Who knows where I would be had I not found them!! I found Teresa first, on YouTube. It was her video tutorial that taught me how to change my background, a task I had been working on for MONTHS. Under her tutelage...I was able to do it in less that 3 hours (the Viv in me is why it took 3 hours instead of 20 minutes). After I changed it...I posted the following comment on her blog:

You are a SAINT!!! You have no idea how happy I am that I found you on YouTube!! I was about to pay someone at least $30.00 to do this for me...thank God I found you!! You are without a doubt my new shero--hero with ovaries!! Now...if you could tell me how to add a dedicated box to my blog where I can post/change/update my contests (sorta a blog within a blog)...I would rename at least two of my kids after you...I promise!!

Well...Teresa, being the wonderful person that she is...posted a reply comment on my blog post Woman at WORK. In her comment she answered all of my questions and gave me links to some sites to help me. By the time I got her comment, I had already figured out the three columns thingy...

Sooooo...Although she was VERY helpful...She did not help me enough to justify me renaming two of my kids after her...So I just renamed one. I hope that you can forgive me Teresa?? (quick prayer: Dear Lord, You know that I always try to be a woman of my word...if I say I am going to do something...I try as hard as possible to do it. I know that you sent Teresabelle into my life to guide me out of the wilderness of blogland and she has shown me soooooo much...PLEASE let her be happy with just one of my children named after her...please... ~amen)

Ladies and gentlemen...appearing here for the first time ever...I would like for you to meet "The child formerly know as Nicole, Currently known as Teresabelle, Jr:"
Thanks again Teresa...I owe you!!! (I still have another child who is currently nameless...if you insist...I could change her name too...just let me know) let's talk about Ms. Jeanette...She too is my shero!! This woman can do ANYTHING!! It is through Jeanette's Jedi wisdom that I have been able to accomplish soooooo much in such a short period of time. Jeanette has tutorials on her website for things that I would have never thought of unless I had seen/read about them on her blog.

Whereas Teresa led me out of the wilderness...Jeanette is leading me into the promised land...a land flowing with custom tabs and cute little signatures!! So is with great pleasure that I rename two of my children after you:

This is "The boy formerly known as Alexander, Currently known as Jeanette, Jr #1"

And this is "The little girl formerly known as Naomi, currently known as Jeanette, Jr #2"

Ladies...I do not know where I would be without your help!! Thanks for all that you have done/shared and for all that you will continue to do to help me and others...

Don't y'all just LOVE that cute little signature??? I sure do!!

Woman still WORKING....Whew!!

Well...with the help of my newest cyber friend (I will release her name later, but she knows who she is) I have been able to create a custom Header for my blog!!!

It was supposed to be a "simple" process...but you know me...why do something in 15 minutes when I can spend 2 hours doing it and then go to bed at 2:00am....(quick prayer: Dear Lord, what is wrong with me?? I see the instructions and I follow them and I usually get pretty good results the first time...but then my inner Viv starts talking to me..."Gurl...I know you are not finished with that...that side is longer than the other side..." or "...Now I ain't tryin' to tell you what you should do...but...if it was me...I would do it this way..." For all of you out there who are wondering, but are afraid to ask...Viv is my mama. Lord forgive me...I forgot I was anyway, Lord after Viv gets in my mind...I have to make it PERFECT...which is why I am usually up all night...Dear Lord...I LOVE my mama...but PLEASE keep her dear sweet voice out of my head so that I can go to bed at a decent hour...please?? ~amen)

If you recall a header was not on my original list...Well I have decided to modify the list a little. Here is my new list of things that I would like to accomplish on my blog:

1. I still want to create a custom signature--Done 6/27

2. I have decided against a contest box...I now want a contest tab at the top of my header.

3. I no longer want a search box...that is like soooo last week!!

4. I want a multi-language translator so that all of my brothers-and-sister-by-other-mother's can read and enjoy my blog in their native tongue. Perhaps this will give me international appeal...

5. A live chat button...that way when I am can contact me and we can chat directly!! Perhaps this can one day turn into an online talk/chat show??

6. A pretty lil sumptin, sumptin to separate my blog entries...I am not sure what it will look like yet...but I can assure you that it will be Quita-licious... is now 1:32am CST and I NEED to go to Good Night/Good Morning...


PS. Does anyone, besides me, find my new header to be exceptionally LARGE and borderline obnoxious??? Please weigh in on this...I value your opinions...Viv...I already know how you probably feel about it..."Well...I wouldn't call it obnoxious...but it is BIG...maybe you can make it a little shorter?? And it needs some color..." =-) (quick prayer: Dear Lord, PLEASE let mama not beat me when I see her next week... ~amen)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woman at WORK I have once again been negligent to my public...I guess that makes me a Naughty Mommy (I sense a whole new blog coming)!! Well...I have made a decision...My blog is going under construction.

I have seen soooooo many PRETTY blogs out there and...well...frankly...mine is just NOT one of them...I want my blog to be PRETTY that so wrong??? Well I have decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it...after all, that is the Quita way!!

So I went to the Library...and here is what I found:

Yes...I am a Dummy and I am PROUD of it!! At least I am willing to get some help...So armed with my book, my laptop, a scanner, some scrapbook paper, four kids, a husband, absolutely NO free time and a lot of good ideas...I am off to make my blog look like me...BLACK!!!

Never fear...when I am are gonna LOVE it...I hope.

Until we meet again...

PS. Some of the changes that I want to make are:
1. A pretty background--
DONE!!! (6/17)
2. A box to keep a contest posted in at all times
3. A google search bar so that you can look for things by key word
4. 3 columns of goodness--DONE!! (6/17)

5. A custom signature
6. ANYTHING that you all think I should add to make the site more user friendly!! So drop me a comment or two and let me know what you would like to see on my blog, besides the obvious...more consistent posts... ~Q

PPS. If ANY of you have ANY idea how I can make one or all of the above happen...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! I am desperate!! ~Q

Q and A with Ms. Stewart

Here is comment that I recently received from a semi-loyal reader. This comment was posted in response to my Bottle Cap Photo Magnets post:

Heyyyyy...these are nice!!! Who's that handsome young fellow on the bottle cap?!!?? lol

Well sir...the young man in the picture is of the world/Oklahoma renowned singer...Sean Johnson. Mr. Johnson currently resides in Del City, OK. Where he is BUSY serving his country (USAF) and recording his Neo-Soul Christan Contemporary Gospel goodies. When you get a chance...Check him out and take a listen to his smooth jazzy neo-classical master pieces on his my space page . Never fear...if, after you listen, you hear something that you just CANNOT live can purchase and download his songs for a nominal fee.
Be sure to send me a comment or ten and let me know which of his songs you liked the most!! My fav de jour is without a doubt...Good To Me.
Give it a listen and let me know...

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